A Conversation about IEPs for students with ASD: How to maximize its effectiveness and improve your child’s educational outcomes.”  
Lisa Ruble, PhD.
Dr. Lisa Ruble is a Professor in the College of Education at the University of Kentucky. She is an educational researcher and Licensed Psychologist, who has provided social skills and behavioral interventions, school consultation and training, and parent training in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) for more than 25 years. Dr. Ruble’s work in implementation research involves understanding how evidence- based practices can best be provided in schools and other community settings. In two randomized controlled trials funded by the NIH, Dr. Ruble tested and replicated the effectiveness of a parent-teacher consultation intervention called the Collaborative Model for Promoting Competence and Success (COMPASS; Ruble, Dalrymple, & McGrew, 2012). COMPASS is an effective practice for creating personalized and collaborative treatment plans that are guided by outcomes based monitoring and teacher coaching.  Students whose teachers received COMPASS made significant gains in IEP outcomes. She has also created tools for measuring educational quality and IEP outcomes. A new NIH funded study is underway that focuses on adapting COMPASS for transition age youth and improving transition outcomes.
Dr. Ruble would like for folks to bring their child’s IEP so that this information can be used in our discussion.