Shelley C. Sellwood-Davis
Assistant Director, Stewart Home School

Since 1893, Stewart Home School has been a community dedicated to the education and enrichment of students with special needs. The philosophy has always centered on providing enriched opportunities for the pursuit of happiness—a lifestyle of choices. Over the years, these special individuals and their families have joined with five generations of the Stewart family to provide a nurturing environment and an extension of home. Our mission is to provide in a beautiful way for the educational, vocational, emotional, recreational and spiritual needs of individuals with unique learning and social expression differences.
Stewart Home offers continuing education, vocational training, independent living skills assistance and an incredible variety of social and recreation activities. Students and their families set goals and design programs from among the many choices of classes, work opportunities and social experiences. Residence Halls, Classrooms, Gymnasium, Pavilion, Fitness Center, Library, Ballfield, Riding Ring and Stables, Fishing Ponds and Grounds combine to create a setting for a special needs education as lovely and complete as any college campus.

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