This is a topic that many parents and caregivers are very anxious about as their loved ones attain adulthood and their pursuit of independence increases. In an effort to gain as much information on what is available to these adventurous adults in the state of Kentucky the ASBG has put together a panel of knowledgeable representatives of local agencies that are familiar with the housing issues in and across the state.
Panel members include
Carolyn Wheeler, Provider Development Specialist, Division of Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities & Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky,
Ray Sexton, Executive Office, Lexington Urban County, Human Rights Commission;
Christy Stambaugh, Director of Aging and Disability Services, LFUCG;
Irene Gooding, Division of Grants and Special Programs, LFUCG
Jeremy Ratliff, Managing Director Multifamily Programs, Kentucky Housing Corporation
Rob Ellis, Kentucky Housing Corporation
Davey King, Managing Director, Housing Contract Administration, Kentucky Housing Corporation