Please join us as the ASBG presents a Double Header
Lexington Parks and Recreation Therapeutic Recreation programs
Anessa Snowden, CTRS
Manager of Therapeutic Recreation and Senior Adult Programs, LFUCG
Anessa has worked in community recreation for 14 years providing opportunities for individuals with special needs access to meaningful recreation and leisure programs.
She has worked in various settings from Adult Day Care, Psychiatric Hospital, Children’s/Rehab Hospital, and community recreation experiencing interaction with all ages from youth through senior adults. Anessa believes that everyone has a special gift and contribution that can be encouraged through the LFUCG Therapeutic program. She feels that these programs can assist in bringing out the best in participants while showcasing their many talents and opening their eyes to the endless possibilities of what they are capable of. The programs are designed to enhance the overall health and wellness of persons with disabilities
Employment and Other Valued Social Roles for Adolescents and Adults with Autism
Patti Parsons
Patti Parsons, longtime ASBG member, will be doing a brief presentation on employment and valued social roles. For the past year, Patti has been enrolled in classes leading to a Graduate Certificate in Developmental Disabilities, offered through the Human Development Institute at UK, with a focus on promoting valued social roles – including employment – for people with disabilities. She will share some of the things she has learned, including:

  • The benefits of employment
  • Employment as a valued social role
  • Transition practices to promote employment
  • Employment models, including customized employment
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