Carol Brown, Executive Director and Educational Specialist of Equipping Minds, has been working with children and families who have struggled academically and psychologically since 1981. While receiving her bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Marshall University and master’s degree in Social Services from Southwestern Seminary, she saw that many of the actual difficulties the children were experiencing were NOT addressed in their coursework. She sought additional training in cognitive development therapy, primitive reflex training, sound therapy, vision therapy, and vestibular therapy and combines these in her multi-disciplinary therapy program. In 2012, Carol was licensed and certified as an FIE Mediator by the Feuerstein Institute for the Enhancement of Learning Potential. In 2014, Carol will be continuing her educational and research endeavors as a Doctor of Education (EdD) student. Please join us as Carol presents this fascinating topic.

Also, Patti Parsons will give a brief presentation on the Peer Support Network Project. Research tells us that making friends can be especially hard for students with significant disabilities. Peer support networks can help foster these relationships by bringing students together. UK’s Human Development Institute, through funding from the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities, is training school teams to set up Peer Support Network pilot projects in schools throughout the state. Patti Parsons, Project Coordinator for the Kentucky Peer Support Network Project, will briefly share information about the project and the upcoming Regional Training (Monday, May 5 in Lexington) for Central Kentucky schools.