Kelli Sheets –Hart Support Living Grant Program State Coordinator, Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Cathy Allgoud Murphy – Board Member, Center for Accessible Living.
Jessica Frye – / ACCESS Michelle P Waiver Program Supervisor
A caregiver’s work is never done and sometimes life throws curve balls. We can be caught not fully prepared for the continued care of our loved ones. It is important that as early as possible we begin to plan for such likelihoods so that we can influence the level and quality of care and support that our loved ones receive in our absence or reduced presence. Kelli Sheets, Cathy Murphy, and Jessica Frye will present opportunities and paths that are opened to us both on an individual and group level that can help us face the present and future to accessible living.
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ASBG    February 27th meeting – Dr Fuchs, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, University of Kentucky
ASBG    March 27th Meeting – Marylee Underwood, Developmental Disabilities Council
Autism workshop – April; details will be available soon.
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Presenters for January 30th meeting.
Kelli Sheets – Hart Support Living Grant Program State Coordinator; Personal Care Attendant Program State Coordinator, Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL), Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Kelli has been the Hart Supported Living State Coordinator since September, 2015, but has been employed by the Department for Aging and Independent Living since May 2014.  The Hart Supported Living program provides flexible funding to disabled Kentuckians for supports that promote independence to live at home and function within the community.  Types of supports typical for this program include, but are not limited to:  supported living community resource developers; home modifications for accessibility; homemaker services; personal care services; transportation; adaptive and therapeutic equipment; and in-home training and home management assistance.  Applications for funding are accepted once a year and are due on or before April 1st.
Cathy Allgoud Murphy – Board Member, Center for Accessible Living
The Center for Accessible Living in Louisville is a Center for Independent Living (CIL) of which there are four in Kentucky.  The center works across all disabilities, helping individuals obtain independent living.  The Center for Accessible Living is a member of the State Independent Living Council (SILC) and partners with the CILs and the Department of Aging and Independent Living to ensure the existence of appropriate planning and coordination of resources to meet the independent living needs of people with disabilities in the state.  The independent living philosophy is one of consumer control, peer support, self-help, self-determination, equal access, and individual and systems advocacy in order to maximize the leadership, empowerment, independence and productivity of individuals with disabilities.  The SILC also works to assure the integration and full inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the mainstream of society. The SILC Board members are appointed by governor to serve on the board of directors for the non-profit corporation to ensure fiscal soundness and responsibility and ensures compliance with laws & regulations.
Jessica Frye – Michelle P Waiver Program Supervisor
Jessica has worked in the disability field for 15 years. She currently is the Michelle P waiver case management supervisor at Ms. Frye provides a unique perspective of waiver services as she has an 11-year-old son diagnosed with Autism who utilizes the services. Ms. Frye will be presenting information about the waiver and the application process for the waiver waiting list.

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