Wendy Wheeler Mullins and Alyssa King
It is important that our loved ones on the Autism Spectrum have their voices represented at the ballot box. The right to vote is universal and persons of voting age with ASD can participate in the process with guidance. Wendy Wheeler-Mullins has designed a series of visual communications to help persons with limited verbal skills make their own decisions about voting. Come join us as she explains how to keep your family member with autism engaged in elections. As an American, each of us has the right to make a decision on voting and to exercise that right at the ballot box. Members of the ASD community are often dismissed and or neglected at the ballot box. Come learn how to be heard.
Amelia Mullins is a 20-year-old young woman with autism, who votes. Her mother, Wendy Wheeler-Mullins, will share with the group strategies that help Amelia to be an informed voter and how to get the supports a person with a disability needs in order to vote at the polling place. We will also review information about voting for individuals with disabilities, including those who may have guardians.

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