Symposium 2007

Exploring educational, biomedical, and therapeutic interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders
The Autism Society of the Bluegrass and Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital presented a one-day conference in February 2007 featuring presentations on a variety of topics of interest to parents, caregivers, health care professionals, educators, students and therapists.
Notes are attached for numerous presentations. These notes can’t capture what the speakers said or their interaction with the attendees, but we are happy to share this information.
Scott Bellini, Ph.D.
Indiana Resource Center for Autism at I.U.
Building Social Relationships
Phillip DeMio, M.D.
Biomedical Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders
David Hamrick, M.S.
Weathering Autism
Devin Houston, Ph.D.
Enzymes: Application to Dietary Protocols in Autism
Diane M. Kennedy, & Rebecca S. Banks, M.A.
The Importance of The ADHD-Autism Connection: Toward More Accurate Diagnosis and Interventions
Julie Kraska, B.S., O.T.R
Sensory Processing Disorders: Three Symptom Clusters
Michael Lang, MFA
Safe, Natural Alternatives to Traditional Chelation Therapy for Children with Autism
Michael McSheehan, Ph.D.
Educating Students with Autism in General Education Classes: Evidenced based and Promising Practices to Facilitate Membership, Participation, and Learning
Susan Costen Owens, MAIS, RA
The Oxalate Story: Bringing us surprising new insights about autism and developmental delay
Susan M. Owens, M.S., CCC-SLP
Social Language
Michael Payne, M.S.
Beyond Autism…A Nutragenomic Approach to Neurological and Auto-Immune Disorders
Sami Baker, BCABA
Toilet Training for Children with ASD: Helpful Hints and Resources