Audio / Video Library
Knowledge is Power! And to assist families in advocating for children with autism, the ASBG has purchased a variety of tapes to help increase understanding of the IDEA 97 regulations, IEP development, and other aspects of their children’s educational program. The following is a list of video tapes and audio cassette titles that have become a part of the ASBG library:
Audio Cassette
“How to create a legal and appropriate autism program”
This audio cassette discusses the components of an appropriate and defensible program for a child with autism.
“Autism litigation in the 21st century”
This audio cassette discusses the various cases that have impacted autism services and programs for children with disabilities.
“A New IDEA”
This video is a down to earth explanation of the components of the revised regulations.
“Better IEPs”
This video is presented by Dr. Barbara Bateman and is a must see prior to attending any IEP meeting. In fact, I would recommend having your IEP team view it together and have a discussion afterwards. It would be a great resource for professional development for anyone who works with special needs children. The video helps to define the purpose of special education and discusses the value of IEPs in providing children with disabilities meaningful access to the general curriculum.
“Educating children with autism in the public schools – how to develop and appropriate and legal program”
The video discusses components of an appropriate autism program regardless of the level of the child or placement.
“Developing IEPs utilizing the 1997 IDEA regulations”
This video gives you a step by step overview of the IEP process and all the components necessary in order to provide FAPE (free appropriate public education) for children.